Julie Vogl

Julie Vogl

Speaker Bio:

Julie Mason Vogl has been growing public support and bottom line results for public agencies for over 20 years. She is known for developing innovative ways to involve and engage customers and stakeholders through brand-building communications and community relations programs. She’s passionate about good research, solid strategy, real results, and the positive power of parks and recreation.

Julie is currently the director of marketing services for the two-time gold medal award winning Carol Stream Park District. She has helped lead her agency through development of a strategic brand identity, district-wide customer focus, and multiple successful referenda. She has presented at state and national conferences on customer service, community engagement, and developing recreation facilities. She earned an MS in Marketing Communications Management from the Illinois Institute of Technology and a BS from the University of Illinois.

When she’s not obsessing over park district marketing, her kids, or inadequate housekeeping, you can find her digging in her organic garden plot, riding her horse Rayne, or hiking with her dog, River, and dreaming about her next visit to a national park.

Session Info:

Innovative Strategies for (yawn!) Print Communications

With advances in marketing communications technology, everyone is talking about online marketing and social media. Digital methods and big data are all the rage. But in the hyper-local world of community-based recreation, most of us remain with one foot planted firmly in the analog world of catalogs, postcards, posters and on-site displays. Most of our budgets are built that way, too. And rightly, so. The old stuff still works, but most of us have the nagging feeling that there has to be a better way. There is. In this session, we’ll examine best practices developed over the years by both seasoned and up-and-coming parks marketing pros. From simplifying your processes to staffing strategies to surprisingly simple cost-cutting printing and distribution tips, we’ll uncover non-traditional ways to get the most from your traditional marketing dollars.

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