Alex Houg

Alex Houg

  • Company: BlitzMetrics
  • Position: Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • Location: Minneapolis, MN

Speaker Bio:

Alex Houg is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BlitzMetrics. He has been called the young Steve Jobs, selling his first business at the age of 15.

Alex is a frequent contributor on Inside Facebook, Social Fresh, and FBPPC. His textbook, Facebook Nation, is being taught at 469 universities. He is an expert in Facebook advertising, social analytics, content marketing, and search engine optimization. Mr. Houg has worked with the Golden State Warriors, Infusionsoft, Adidas, Miva Merchant, and Jack Daniels.

He has been featured in USA Today, Search Engine Journal, Business 2 Community, Inside Facebook, and other publications. He is an Eagle Scout and has a passion to teach.

Session Description:

Digital Marketing on a Shoestring Budget-- Introducing the UNTERN

High school and college instinctively get digital. They just need some training and process to manage your social, drive more website traffic, manage your blog, perform light community management, and enroll the community in your programs.

We'll cover the latest, practical techniques in digital marketing, implementable by students and staff you hire and train. Walk away with the training materials to get these staff up to speed. Get the process checklists they follow to manage your programs.

An UNTERN is a student still in school or has just graduated who already knows your city's various facilities and programs. In this session, we'll cover:

  1. Who are they, how do you identify them, and what roles can they plan in your marketing?
  2. How do you manage millennials who are part-time and full-time to assist in your digital marketing effort using free training from Google, Facebook, twitter, and other companies.
  3. What sorts of projects are perfect to delegate out vs kept internal- Facebook management, cross-channel marketing, marketing strategy, social analytics, and other channel marketing.

Come away with a checklist to find, hire, and train UNTERNS for your department.

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