Jessica Stauffer

Jessica Stauffer

  • Company: City of Westminster Parks, Recreation and Libraries
  • Position: Marketing Supervisor
  • Location: Westminster, CO

It all started at a very young age after Jessica’s mom brought home an early-generation IBM personal computer. This was the time of black screens, green lettering, and the sweet, sweet syntax of MS-DOS. The fascination of letters appearing on the screen by her own command was an instant love affair and it only grew from there. With each generation of Windows came another evolution of her curiosity. In middle school she was building web pages and by high school, she was running her own little business to build sites for others. To keep the dynasty alive, Jessica became a third-generation Spartan at Michigan State University, from which she earned a degree in public administration and public policy. You see, somewhere along the way, she got the grand idea she wanted to be governor and thought the best way to leave a dent in the world was through politics. That’s not a joke, but feel free to laugh.

She had been working for the State of Michigan and moved her post-college career to the Michigan House of Representatives, during which her colleagues discovered her hidden understanding of web and database design. Next thing you know, she is improving their databases, helping design a new cataloguing system for reports, and designing marketing/communication tools for the office. It was an awakening. Not wanting to leave the public sector, she took it to the non-profit world to manage web and digital marketing development for the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) in St. Joseph, Michigan. After discovering a love for running, she was inspired to build a training and support organization for wellness, Sunset Coast Striders, which has grown to be the go-to running resource in Southwest Michigan. When the opportunity came along to start and lead a new health/wellness collaborative, she could not turn it down. Be Healthy Berrien was born and she led every step of the way, from building the brand to managing each project and campaign.

In 2014, Jessica accepted a position with the City of Westminster, Colorado in which she would lead the newly formed Outreach Team in Parks, Recreation and Libraries. She is currently in the thick of launching the department’s first-ever brand, as well as developing marketing and community relations strategies…stay tuned to see what happens in 2015!

Marketing 3.0: The Future is Heart

Marketing is in another evolution and it has everything to do with you. People want a brand to be human. They want to see personality. And more than ever, they want to know that their loyalty to an organization is contributing to the greater good. But how do you do that? What does this next generation look like? And what will this look like for your organization? In this session, I’ll briefly share how we got here and now what the heck to do with it through finding your purpose and humanizing your message.


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