Shannon Fern

Shannon Fern

  • Company: Communications Strategy Group
  • Position: Senior Vice President - Health & Wellness
  • Location: Denver, CO
Shannon Fern is senior vice president of the Health & Wellness Practice at Communications Strategy Group (CSG), a national strategic communications firm with offices in Denver and Washington D.C. At CSG, Shannon leads a team that has worked with such influential brands as CorePower Yoga, Kaiser Permanente and the National Sleep Foundation. With a background in sports marketing and community relations (in the recreation field), Shannon is passionate about helping organizations help people live healthier lives. .

Content Strategy as Brand Builder

Whether you know it or not, content influences you every day. Whether you chose to purchase a product because of a viral video you saw, tried a new service because a blogger you follow recommended it, or looked into a company you hadn’t heard of because you saw information about it on the news, content had an impact on your daily life. For brands, understanding the power of content in shaping consumer sentiment and behavior is paramount.

In this session, you will learn why content is an integral part of building a brand, and an essential tool in sustaining it. The session will focus on the following themes:

  • Why you should use content to define and strengthen your brand.
  • How to bring focus to your content strategy.
  • How to use content for lead generation.
  • Three essential steps to creating a compelling, impactful content strategy.

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