Peter Wood

Peter Wood

Speaker Bio:

Branding. Storytelling. Creating.

Typographer. Designer. Art Director. Writer and Marketer and Co Founder of This magical journey, both traditional and digital, started in London over 25 years ago.

My adventure has gone from Saatchi & Saatchi, Yellowhammer, WCRS and Howell Henry in London to Ogilvy, Euro, Goodby Silverstein and Slingshot in the US.

My curiosities go from Greenpeace, Finance, Newspapers, Soft Drinks, Cars and Scotch Whiskey in the UK to Riverkeeper, Computers, Mobile Phones, Cars and American Whiskey in the US.

My passion begins and ends with opportunity.

Along the way, I have worked with many who owned the challenges. People who ranged from creative provocateurs to the most gracious souls on this planet. Including Art Directors, Writers, Planners, Account People, Producers, Directors, Media Gurus, Digital Wizards, Art Buyers, Photographers and Illustrators.

I am the sum of "their" parts. I have fallen and risen on their blood, sweat and fears.

Equally important on this journey are the clients who collaborated along the way. I was fortunate. Most cared. Most gave a damn. Allowing us to do great work. Maureen McGuire and Scott Frank at IBM. The late Geoffrey Frost at Motorola with Hello Moto. Not forgetting Peter Rask at Volvo Cars, Gothenburg, Sweden.

As a teacher, I've taught and lectured in the UK, the US and as an Adjunct Professor at VCU Brand Center. I've also spoken at the Creative Circus, Miami Ad School, Delaware, California College of the Arts, SMU, SCAD and OU. As well as given informal talks to visiting students, and equally as important, those from High School.

What does all this experience do?

  • It makes me run 3 miles a day.
    • It makes me feel energized each and every day.
        It makes me who I am.


Education. Technology. Telecom. Whiskey. News Media. Auto. Retail. Soft Drinks. Finance. Charities. Sports. Oil & Gas.


Client Relationships. Mentoring. Teaching. Running.

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