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There are not many training opportunities that virtually any size agency can relate to, truly comprehend, and use to change the course of their department. I am excited about Brand+Aid Marketing because it addresses the parks and recreation message; no matter your population, budget, or staffing levels.

Parks and Recreation has everything to sell - from life-changing programs and events, restoration and preservation of history, development of parks and exciting green space, to creating fun and delivering memories - Parks and Recreation creates communities!

Brand+Aid Marketing is focused on assisting every agency in learning state-of-the art branding and marketing techniques. With an array of world class speakers, Brand+Aid delivers the right message and can help positively re-position your department within the city.

As a tenured Director, I am excited each year to see what changes have been made and how our department can take advantage of these new ideas. We have implemented many of Brand+Aid’s marketing and branding techniques and our community has definitely taken notice!

It is important to remember that branding and marketing best practices are always changing; I see that each and every year.

I remember when QR Codes were the sure thing but, although they are still around, other opportunities have climbed to the forefront. These types of changes is what makes attending these conferences so important. This is why Brand+Aid needs to be a regular stop on your training circuit.

I believe everyone will have grand outcomes from attending Brand+Aid. The staff members work all year long putting the event together! I can honestly describe my experience at Brand+Aid as fun, informative, and professional. These guys are really challenging the status quo, and changing our industry for the better!

Together, we can continue to elevate our profession! Let the Brand+Aid Experience make its mark on your agency this year!

See you at the show!
-Rick Herold, City of Grand Prairie Parks and Recreation



Affordable and Accessible Marketing Education

The concept of the Brand+Aid Conference was born from the desire to educate public-sector staff about marketing and social media. 

To be successful in today’s competitive business culture, we must be open to new ideas and be wiling to evolve. At the Brand+Aid Institute in Charlotte, NC, (the day before NRPA Congress begins) and the Brand+Aid Conference in Grand Prairie, TX, attendees are exposed to an array of new-age marketing tools and tactics. 

If marketing in the digital world confuses and frustrates you, then Brand+Aid Marketing just might be the right tool to get you and your staff up-to-speed.

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