Creating a Marketing "Team" Mentality

As the work environment in government continues to change we, as professionals, must also change. Today, expectations from leadership are greater than ever while resources continue to diminish. Gone are the days where job descriptions dictated our roles and performance. This is just a simple truth.

Today’s employees must exhibit the ability to effectively multi-task. This is especially true in the parks and recreation industry.  

Marketing best practices and platforms change daily. We must depend on all members of our team to help promote the great things we do, day after day. 

The Arlington Parks’ Approach

In Arlington, we tirelessly work toward educating our senior leadership team as much as possible about marketing and social media. We believe education is the key to purposefully, proactively, and progressively undertaking marketing initiatives.

Monthly “Lunch and Learn” sessions are provided to key staff to help learn new marketing strategies and expand their ability to help promote business opportunities.  A “Marketing Library and Resource Center” also provides staff an opportunity to continue their education in a group setting. 

While Arlington is fortunate to have a full-time marketing staff, most departments do not share this luxury. 

The Brand+Aid Conference was created in response to this challenge.

Create Your Marketing “Team”

Every employee within your organization is a marketer whether they know it or not. From the employee posting on social media sites to a part-time employee repairing a playground, we all have a responsibility to promote parks and recreation. 

It is important to remember that your staff members are your marketing team. Just because you may not have a dedicated, full-time marketing staff doesn't mean you don’t have a marketing “team”.

To implement your own marketing strategy, try developing a plan which highlights how staff can help spread the word about the exciting things happening in your community. Once these resources for content and community news are established, distribution channels begin to form. Soon enough, you find your marketing reach extending through the community, way beyond your own personal/professional circles. This creates a true community of invested constituents, who are now a part of your “team”.

Affordable and Accessible Municipal Marketing Education

The concept of the Brand+Aid Conference was born based on the desire to educate pubic-sector staff about marketing and social media. 

To be successful in today’s ever competitive business culture, we must be open to new ideas, be acceptable to moving your cheese and evolve. At the Brand+Aid Institute in Charlotte, NC, (the day before NRPA Congress begins) and the Brand+Aid Conference in Grand Prairie, TX, attendees are exposed to a vast array of new-age marketing tools and tactics. 

If the marketing in the digital world confuses and frustrates you, then Brand+Aid Marketing just might be the right tool to get you and your staff up-to-speed!


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