Tim Brestowski

Tim Brestowski

  • Company: City of Arlington Parks & Recreation Department
  • Position: Marketing and Enterprise Development Coordinator
  • Location: Arlington, TX

Speaker Bio:

Timothy Brestowski, Marketing and Enterprise Development Coordinator, joined the Arlington Parks and Recreation team in 2015. He currently is in charge of website development and content management, email and SMS campaigns, and online advertising.

Timothy graduated from Baylor University magna cum laude with a double major in Baylor Business Fellows and Media Business. Prior to joining the Parks and Recreation team, he served as the Chief Marketing Officer for SmashFact. Amongst many changes he helped implement at SmashFact, Timothy helped develop a new customer referral program and a new pricing model. Before SmashFact, Timothy worked for Baylor Athletics where he served as video production lead for men's tennis, women's tennis, and equestrian. He produced content at the NCAA national level for all three of these nationally ranked teams.

Prior to switching to the marketing industry, Timothy worked primarily in accounting and finance. He worked for Think Finance, which was named Forbes "#2 America's Most Promising Company", and Elevate Financial Services.

When he's not working, Timothy enjoys going to comedy shows, listening to jazz, and reading books by his favorite author, Malcolm Gladwell.

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