John R. Johnson

John R. Johnson

  • Company: J2 Golf Marketing
  • Position: President / Creative Director
  • Location: Seattle, WA

Speaker Bio:

John’s first taste of traveling the world came as a national and international competitor and wrestling coach representing the USA overseas for 15 years – the desire to achieve and compete has always been with him. Many of you already know John R. Johnson by the images he has created for public, private and commercial use. His client and project list is like a who’s, who of the golf world. John and his team have either photographed or designed many of the images and collateral projects you have seen in everyday life.

As one of the nation’s premier golf photographers and golf marketing expert , John has had the opportunity to explore throughout the world – Asia, Europe, Caribbean and North America, visiting renowned golf facilities, clubs, events and resorts logging countless miles, recording thousands of images, branding and creating stories. He is a veteran of several book projects such as “Golf Courses of the PGA Tour” or the annual “USGA Calendar”, the “Sports Illustrated Calendar”, major golf magazine coverage and the “Successories” motivational poster line that primarily feature his photography.

Today, John leads a team of very talented graphic designers, web designers, eMail marketing specialists and world class photographers all with a single goal: To form the finest single image marketing and branding company in the golf industry. Multiple times they have been awarded the "Golf Marketing Company of the Year" - "Golf Photographer of the Year" and “Print Campaign of the Year”, the company continues to strive for excellence in design, images and execution of marketing and Branding plans. At Brand-Aid, he will show you how to create images that captivate and communicate.

Session Description:

Friends Don’t Let Friends Take Pro Photos with Cell Phones – or Do They?

The saying goes, “Image is Everything” and we have come a long way baby. Back in the day, film ruled the land and even the vaunted 35 mm camera was 2nd rate compared to the large format film required for tack sharp graphic presentations . . . Photography was all about the lens, film type and sharpness that the mega-sized cameras could produce - only if you were good enough.

Today, we have cameras in your back pocket with Carl Zeiss lenses, 2.4 apertures, optical zooms and over 40 megapixels of sharpness – that is awesome stuff to make any pro Photographer drool, yet we call them cell phones. However, regardless of all this photographic power, can you take award-winning photos with them?

Come learn the tricks of how, why and when to take outrageous professional quality photos with your very own cell phone from an award-winning Pro who “Gets-It” and understands the power and importance of branding. Come learn how your cell phone can be an awesome tool for your presentations, communications and park district. At Brand-Aid, You can do it!

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