Roxanne Sutton

Roxanne Sutton

  • Company: National Recreation and Park Association
  • Position: Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist
  • Location: Washington D.C.

Roxanne started her educational pursuits as a dance major specializing in ballet. After a startling vision where she saw a future filled with studio apartments, dozens of cats and no long-term savings plan, she decided to pursue a different career path. She moved to Virginia, consumed (and served) copious amounts of coffee, and earned her degree in communication and public relations. After a stint in “the City” working at a PR firm, Roxanne joined NRPA in January 2013 where she discovered she could combine her love of communicating with the awesome field of parks and recreation. She’s now the caffeine addict behind NRPA’s social media accounts and marketing emails and baker behind many of the treats left in the staff kitchen.

Parks and Recreation Isn’t Boring. Why Are You?

Now more than ever, park and recreation professionals need to market their programs while simultaneously building a robust and vigorous brand. The critical role park and recreation agencies play within a community has never been stronger. Today’s agencies must speak directly to all ages, address countless interests and work within several different cultures just to stay relevant.

Parks and Recreation Isn’t Boring. Why Are You? addresses various techniques to help your marketing and communications campaigns breakout and bring together your communities in simple and surprising ways. Learn to be bold and take the necessary risks in creative thinking, design and implementation. We’ll discuss campaigns that have worked and those that have not in order to move your agency’s image and brand forward in 2015.

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