Lauren Hoffmann

Lauren Hoffmann

  • Company: National Recreation and Park Association
  • Position: Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Location: Washington D.C.

In kindergarten, Lauren’s parents were forewarned that she was a “social butterfly.” Communicating with a variety of people came naturally to her. Little did they know, Lauren was simply preparing for her future career in communications and public relations. Fast forward several years and you’ll still find Lauren communicating with many audiences and combining her passions for creativity and writing. In September 2011, she “migrated,” from a global PR agency to NRPA where she drives marketing and communications campaigns that move people to take action and help raise awareness for her beloved “habitat” of parks and recreation.

Parks and Recreation Isn’t Boring. Why Are You?

Now more than ever, park and recreation professionals need to market their programs while simultaneously building a robust and vigorous brand. The critical role park and recreation agencies play within a community has never been stronger. Today’s agencies must speak directly to all ages, address countless interests and work within several different cultures just to stay relevant.

Parks and Recreation Isn’t Boring. Why Are You? addresses various techniques to help your marketing and communications campaigns breakout and bring together your communities in simple and surprising ways. Learn to be bold and take the necessary risks in creative thinking, design and implementation. We’ll discuss campaigns that have worked and those that have not in order to move your agency’s image and brand forward in 2015.

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