Corbett Guest

Corbett Guest

  • Company: Imaginuity
  • Position: CEO
  • Location: Dallas, TX

CEO Corbett Guest brings more than 15 years of big agency experience and strategical expertise to Imaginuity. He's delivered successful digital marketing strategies to top brand clients, including JC Penney, Balfour Beatty, Cadbury Adams, Dr. Pepper and many more. His leadership and direction at Imaginuity ensure that the agency's clients get real world results and the highest return on their investment.

Before he came to Imaginuity, Corbett was a creative director at Divine/marchFIRST, where he led creative and strategic online initiatives for clients including American Airlines and AT&T Broadband. He also previously served as a Director of Customer Experience at Vetrix Corporation, where he revolutionized the marketing division, by creating a proprietary methodology that combined the design, marketing and content strategy teams into a user-focused customer experience practice. Using this methodology, he helped lead the launch of the first iteration of Prior to that Corbett served a key role as Director of Innovation at the Vectrix subsidiaries W3CD and Etherstream which were pioneers in digital music distribution and online, retail fulfillment in the 90s.

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