Gina Mullins-Cohen

Gina Mullins-Cohen

  • Company: National Recreation and Park Association
  • Position: Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Publications
  • Location: Washington D.C.

After years of bouncing off the ivy walls of academia, Gina decided to venture out in to the world and find a real job by moving to Hollywood. Her work on various TV series taught her firsthand how to just say no to drugs and survive one writers’ strike after another by waitressing. Following the whimsical notion of paying rent, Gina took a slight turn in her career and accepted a position in the public relations department of a large art publishing firm. As luck would have it, this company also produced over 100 niche publications. Gina fell in love with the world of print media and soon found herself running a group of consumer and trade magazines. Throughout her career Gina has founded two media companies, launched 11 magazines and learned how to ask for a non-fat latte in 7 languages. She also discovered early on that the best place to find peace of mind in these often chaotic times is in a park

Parks and Recreation Isn’t Boring. Why Are You?

Now more than ever, park and recreation professionals need to market their programs while simultaneously building a robust and vigorous brand. The critical role park and recreation agencies play within a community has never been stronger. Today’s agencies must speak directly to all ages, address countless interests and work within several different cultures just to stay relevant.

Parks and Recreation Isn’t Boring. Why Are You? addresses various techniques to help your marketing and communications campaigns breakout and bring together your communities in simple and surprising ways. Learn to be bold and take the necessary risks in creative thinking, design and implementation. We’ll discuss campaigns that have worked and those that have not in order to move your agency’s image and brand forward in 2015.

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