Cynthia Sanchez

Cynthia Sanchez

Hello, my name is Cynthia Sanchez and I am addicted to Pinterest.

When I first started to use Pinterest in 2011, I noticed that I was saying Pinterest over and over again to my friends and family. I was discovering things online that I would’ve never found before. I found websites and blogs that inspired me to do things, make things and even buy things. I was so amazed by the site that I decided to start a blog about it.

Oh So Pinteresting was launched February 2012 and after a few months I was approached by a company and asked if I would help them with Pinterest and manage their social media accounts. In September 2012, I left my job as a full-time radiation oncology nurse to focus on building Oh So Pinteresting and my business.

As in the medical world, social media is ever evolving and changing and requires continuous study. Since launching the blog, I have taken multiple courses and attended several conferences focused on social media.

In growing and marketing my own business, I have had to learn multiple social media platforms and how to create content for them. I write the content for the blog, produce my own podcast, record videos and create graphics.

As a nurse, I did my best to empathize with each patient to help them heal. It is proven that if nurses relate to their patients, the nursing process goes much more smoothly and the patient has an overall better experience.

I continue this approach in my business and encourage my clients to take the same approach in their social media marketing.

I really do enjoy teaching and helping people find solutions. This may come from my years of being a registered nurse or from being the mother of 2 sets of twins. It’s probably both.

For fun, aside from exploring Pinterest, I enjoy traveling with my family, crafting, and learning photography.

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