Elysa Ellis

Elysa Ellis

  • Company: GenPink
  • Position: Editor & Lifestyle Blogger
  • Location: Dallas, TX

Named after a purple billboard in Paris, Elysa was destined to be involved with marketing before she was even born. Elysa's background in design and marketing have led to a profession and hobby in social media.

She believes having a keen eye for design is a blessing and a curse. She finds inspiration all around her, but hates bad design; she can not fully appreciate a restaurant with a poorly designed menu.

When Elysa is not critiquing the typography of the world around her, she finds blogging as an outlet for her creativity. She started GenPink as a way to connect with fellow gen y. Since the launch of GenPink, Elysa has become very involved with the large online community of other young professionals.

Elysa is also honored to be on a founding board member of the Social Media Club of Dallas, serving four years as a volunteer. Her claim to fame towards the goal of “internet celebritydom” is receiving an award for Top 30 Under 30 and being featured in Yahoo as a top Gen Y resource.

She enjoys all things related to technology and is a self-proclaimed blonde computer nerd. You will likely find her tweeting her latest geek wishlist item or pinning recipes to try for her food blog.

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