Arianne Shipley

Arianne Shipley

Arianne has a bachelor's of science degree from Texas A&M University and she is a Certified Public Communicators through the TCU School of Strategic Communication.

Arianne has worked for the City of Mansfield for seven years and is a public education specialist for the City of Mansfield Water Utilities. Her passion for creativity and new box thinking (because just outside of the box wasn't enough) is infused into every project and campaign, which has included everything from 1920s flapper girl videos to Tonight Show parodies to a reality show themed calendar. Arianne's combined efforts have raised awareness of water issues that are evident through increases in social media engagement, increased event attendance, and anecdotal evidence via Mansfield's residents.

Along with Stephanie Zavala, Arianne and her have been dubbed the dynamic duo, double trouble, and the Mansfield H2duO. Collectively their individual achievements have amassed over 20 awards and honors from 10 different state, regional, and nationwide agencies including TAMIO, 3CMA, TML, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the American Water Works Association

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